T.C. Williams Band
tc williams

Our Mission

  Character. Leadership. Artistry. Scholarship. Service. 

Our Mission 

TC Williams Band students are empowered to achieve the highest level of musical independence, allowing them a lifetime of musical participation, appreciation, and enjoyment.

To this end, we work together to expand and enrich the musical opportunities at TC Williams. Students and parents can count on directors to establish a safe, welcoming environment where musical artistry and risk-taking are valued. Directors will select quality, varied, and relevant literature to expand musical understanding throughout the community. We foster a culture of discipline, team-work, and critical thinking. Finally directors will facilitate frequent, open communication between parents, students, and staff.

We count on parents to support artistry and scholarship in their students by providing a healthy environment in which to practice. Parents can also provide service to the bands by assisting with fundraising, issuing uniforms, chaperoning, and providing political and moral support.

We expect students to lead the bands through service as section leaders, librarians, equipment managers, and stage managers. Students will exemplify character by being punctual, self-disciplined, and positive. Students will display artistry and scholarship through regular, purposeful practicing at home, and engaged sensitivity and listening during rehearsal. 

We look forward to a productive and rewarding school year and are eager to help you become the best student you can be!