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WHY SHould you join the band?

If you want to be part of a team that works hard, travels, and performs at the highest levels, TCW Bands invites you to join us. TCW Bands offer you the chance to learn a new instrument or to grow your skills and achieve your highest potential. Classes are engaging and rehearsals are challenging. You will expand your knowledge through musical experiences that enable you to apply your skills as an individual and collaborate with a group. 

The TC Williams band program is highly regarded for the high standards of its performances and for the quality of the student experience. Musicianship is an asset that can translate into academic, personal and professional success. While most of our graduates pursue careers outside of music, they will always possess the skills they learned and the memories they created. Many of our graduates continue to perform in college in pep bands and marching bands; a select few go on to major in musical performance or music education.

One of the biggest benefits of joining the band are the friendships you make. The transition from middle school to high school, or as a new student, is made much easier for band members who meet and rehearse with classmates prior to the start of school. You instantly become part of a network of peers with similar interests and a variety of skills. 

 2017 Wind Ensemble Senior Class , Myrtle Beach 1st Place

2017 Wind Ensemble Senior Class , Myrtle Beach 1st Place

FAQ's for new band members

How good do I have to be? All students are admitted into the band, even beginners!

Do I have to audition for the band? Yes. Simply sign up for a band class. Auditions take place in April. Students should prepare all major scales, at least a 2 octave chromatic scale, and a prepared etude. Students are placed in class based on the audition. If you have no band experience, sign up for Concert Band.

Will band fit into a rigorous academic schedule? Yes! Our graduating band members attend the most elite universities in the country, including UVA, Princeton, Stanford and more, and pursue all fields of study. The class schedule is designed to allow students to take a full schedule of classes, including AP courses, and play in one of the bands all four years. TCW Bands members include some the highest achieving students in the school.

Are there after-school requirements? There are occasional after-school rehearsals and evening performances, including concert assessment in March.

Can I play sports and be in the band? Yes! Many band members participate in athletics throughout the year. Talk to a director if you have questions.

Is there a cost participate in the band? There is an annual band fee and some students also rent instruments. The Band Boosters hold fundraisers throughout the year to keep costs low. Students can also do individual fundraisers to raise money and defer costs.

Is it difficult to march?  You will learn everything you need to know at marching band camp and develop your skills throughout the season. Like anything new, it will require practice and you will be given all the tools and support you need from your classmates, section leaders and directors.