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Marching Titans

We Are the Titans

Marching Band

The Marching Titans perform and compete throughout the fall season at football games, parades and competitions. Members develop musicianship, camaraderie, stamina and discipline in the execution of a contemporary show of the highest possible quality. Under the guidance of directors and special instructors, marchers learn how to achieve visual and musical excellence on the field. The Marching Titans have marched in the Sugar Bowl Half-Time Show in New Orleans, the annual Zombie Parade in Del Ray, at the Department of Education in Washington, D.C., and more.  Membership in the Marching Titans is open to all band students. 


color Guard

The TC Williams color guard is the visual representation of the marching band. Color guard members are trained in movement, dance and the handling of equipment such as flags, sabres and rifles. Color guard is open to any student. 


Band Camp

Marching Band Camp begins in August before the new school year. Members learn and perfect the new show which takes time and dedication. Marchers and color guard spend many hours over the course of three weeks learning, rehearsing, and memorizing the music and drill.  There are also plenty of fun team building activities throughout camp. Marchers learn basic marching skills and continuously develop more advanced skills over the course of the season. For this year's schedule, click here.


To grow your skills and stay involved,

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